Drive Unit for Settling Pond Sludge Scraper

Outstanding track record and overwhelming evidence of reliability
Thickener Drive―drive unit for sludge scraper
Outstanding track record and overwhelming evidence of reliability
Thickener Drive―drive unit for sludge scraper

Thickener Drive―Drive Unit for Sludge Scraper

Drive Unit for Settling Pond Sludge Scraper

Over half a century has passed since we first began manufacturing gear reducers.
Our Thickener Drive, a drive unit for sludge scrapers, is the machinery that has given us an outstanding track record and overwhelming evidence of reliability.
It is key equipment not only for water treatment systems but also for production processes.

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Delivering More Than 3,000 Units Globally

Our series of water treatment gear reducers includes our underwater speed reducers, in addition to our center-post and center-shaft type drive units (surface-type) for settling pond sludge scrapers.
The Thickener Drive is a highly durable and long lasting product, which, if overhauled on a regular basis, will perform for many years.
Owing to its central drive system, there are no wheels and hence no slippage in heavy rain, heavy snow, or ice, which would normally occur with peripheral drive thickeners.
And since the central drive system produces a surging motion, sludge is not drawn up giving a more stable water treatment quality. The drive unit can also be fitted with a lifting device. This means that in the event the unit comes to a stop from overtorque due to an overload of sludge, the problem can be solved by raising and then lowering with the drive unit.
With the Thickener Drive, there is no need to remove sewage and sludge, helping to reduce work costs. Furthermore, since the equipped torque meter is mechanically driven by the worm it produces a constant display unlike the blurred displays that come from electrically driven types, and there are no erroneous displays which sometimes result from problems with the electrical system.
Hanshin Engineering provides the most suitable model and specification based on our many years of experience and track record.
We also fully support our customers with the technologies we have built up and through our thorough servicing system.

N-SD Center-Post Type

A drive unit for settling ponds that has been used for many years in various circular settling ponds such as for industrial wastewater, sewage water, and clean water.

Internal Gear

VWML Center-Shaft Type

Utilizes an output shaft lifting device to allow easy load (torque) adjustment.
Two types of lifting device are available: manual and electric.

Rigid Couplings

Drive Unit with Lifting Device

The drive units are equipped with a drive mechanism to protect against overload.
Safety device features allow the overload rate (torque) to be seen on the pointer scale, and the contact point between the alarm and operation stop to be triggered by the set torque value.
A remote-control safety device can also be attached to the units.

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Local governments (local public organizations), paper mills, chemical plants, various food factories, etc.

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